Improving Your Health, One Meal At A Time!

I want to invite you to follow my journey as I train for the Las Vegas and Honolulu 1/2 marathons (Dec 4th and April 1st) and the Southern California Ragnar Relay (April 20-21).

I’ll be posting weekly updates which will include workouts, food, supplements, injuries, treatment modalities, sleep and recovery and weight changes. I’ll also be looking at how training for these events will effect my adrenal fatigue and insulin resistance. I’ll be following a mostly Paleo diet focusing on lean protein, healthy fats, non starchy vegetables, limited fruit and starchy vegetables, no grains or legumes and limited nuts, seeds, and dairy. While I hope to stay within these parameters, I know life is not always so structured and there will be times when strict adherence will not be possible. What I also understand about myself and which was validated this past week…sometimes, I just give into my sweet tooth! While a little dark chocolate now and then is no big deal and can be quite beneficial, eating an entire box of cookies for dinner is not something I want to do on a regular basis.

Before I start, I want to acknowledge the people who will be helping me during this journey. I am running with the USA Marathon Training Group lead by Coach David Levine. Coach David has graciously put together a training plan for me to follow through all three of these races. I am doing my Crossfit training at Brick Crossfit West Hollywood. Yoga is done at Jade Apple Yoga in Toluca Lake. I have two chiropractors I have been working with, Dr David Bond in Encino and Dr Heidi Fennellin Glendale who make sure all my parts are in place. I also want to thank my running buddies and friends I have met through who have been in my corner every step of the way. Special thanks to Ms. Mary Hillrunner who without her love, support and encouragement, I never would have taken my first step.

My goals during this training season are:
1. Train wisely to reduce overtraining injuries and avoid exacerbating my adrenal fatigue.
2. Follow training plan including run, x-training and mostly importantly, rest days.
3. Incorporate yoga and Pilates into training schedule to improve balance and flexibility.
4. Increase running pace by doing weekly speed and hill work as prescribed by running coach.
5. Follow a whole food eating plan rich in protein and healthy fat, while eliminating processed foods and excess carbohydrate intake.
6. Sleep 8-9 hours per night
7. Take supplements daily-morning and evening
8. Reach and maintain goal weight range of 135-140 by April 1st.

Catch up for 11/3-11/13 My training and food have been a little off since getting sick at the end of October. I ran (well, mostly walked) the Rock and Roll Los Angeles 1/2 marathon on October 30th but ended up sidelined with an awful flu for about a week afterward. In that time, I was barely eating and my weight dropped pretty quickly. I didn’t think the drop would hold but I was more concerned with getting well than the number on the scale. When I finally got my appetite back, I ate until I was satisfied and while I logged my intake, I did not weigh or measure anything. By Sunday the 13th, I could feel my sugar cravings coming back…I gave in by eating GF chocolate chip cookies and dark chocolate covered almonds for dinner. Since then, It’s been a little rough to get back to regimented eating.

November 2011

03 Thursday
Weigh in 150.8
8:30 AM Roast beef, avocado and tomato with smoked salt
9:00 AM 4 mile walk
1:30 PM 1/2 burger bowl with avocado, homemade catsup, relish and chipotle mayo
4:30 PM Other 1/2 of burger bowl
7:00 PM Bowl of cherry tomatoes

04 Friday
Weigh in 150.2
10:20 AM Roast beef, avocado and tomato
1:00 PM Chicken leg and thigh with veggies
5:00 PM Apple
8:00 PM Chicken leg and thigh with broccoli

05 Saturday
Weigh in 150.6
6:00 AM Vital smoothie with coconut water
7:00 AM 3 mile run 12:13 pace (still sick)
8:15 AM Potluck-deviled eggs, guacamole, pineapple, sweet potato
10:45 AM Crossfit intro class
1:45 PM Chicken wings/breast, broccoli and tomatoe
7:45 PM Ground bison with leftover veg from roast beef

06 Sunday
8:30 AM Vital smoothie with coconut milk
12:30 PM Lunch at Lemonade avocado tomato salad, carrot herb salad moroccan chicken stew cucumber mint lemonade
5:35 PM Chicken sausage cooked with onion/butter and tomato
7:00 PM 2 servings almonds (start of poor choices)

07 Monday
6:45 AM Crossfit
8:30 AM Ground bison, onion, red bell pepper, avocado
2:30 PM Turkey thigh, cucumber and avocado
7:00 PM Steamed carrot and cauliflower

08 Tuesday
Weigh in 149.8
7:00 AM 3 miles 36:36 12:13 average pace, 322 calories
8:30 AM Ground bison, red bell pepper. Onion and scrambled egg
1:30 PM Chicken thigh, tomato and steamed broccoli
4:30 PM Strawberries, 2 bowls homemade roasted tomato soup, 3 servings coconut custard, steamed broccoli, cherry tomatoes, 2 servings almonds, 10-12 dates (very hungry, did not feel satisfied, over ate dates and almonds)

09 Wednesday
Weigh in 151.8
8:15 AM Turkey thigh, cucumber and guacamole
11:00 AM Crossfit
12:45 PM Ground bison, coconut oil, zucchini, onion, bell pepper, hot sauce, guacamole
6:00 PM 2 legs, wing, raw carrot, tomatoes and cucumber

10 Thursday
Weigh in 151.0
8:00 AM 2 eggs, tomato and guacamole
12:45 PM Chicken leg and thigh, veggies and strawberries
4:30 PM Coconut custard, 2 servings almonds, 2 bowls braised cabbage/apple, short rib, apple

11 Friday
9:30 AM Turkey thigh and veggies
1:00 PM Chicken leg and thigh, braised red cabbage with apples, heirloom tomato
5:00 PM Short rib chili, rest of dates and apple

12 Saturday
Weigh in 153.0
6:00 AM Vital smoothie with coconut water
7:00 AM 5 mile run 12:18 pace 1:01:27, 571 calories
9:00 AM Beet greens, onion and chicken breast
2:00 PM Cherry tomatoes, strawberries, cabbage with apple, chicken thighs and leg, rest of roasted vegetables, guacamole and celery

13 Sunday
7:30 AM 2 egg coconut oil and tomato
10:45 AM Brussels sprouts with bacon and coconut oil
3:00 PM Cauliflower, tomato coconut milk, curry
6:00 PM Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered caramel almonds and 2 apple bars


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